Vacation Fun - Summer of 2013

My dear friends and family, What a great summer!  I decided that this blogging thing is simply too difficult to keep up to date, but I still wanted to give you and update of what is going on.  I know it may be a little impersonal, but you know how I feel about FB and sending out emails. So this is something of a trial page to share with you.

Disneyland was our First Stop

We’ve been planning a vacation to So. Cal for quite a while now and we finally made it out there.  We met up with our good friend Howard who’s been semi-retired now for about a year writing about Disneyland here.  I can’t believe he retired so young and it was great for him to show us around town. We used our AAA card to get some really good discounts by getting a City Pass. Disneyland was a so much fun.  It was first time for the girls and they loved Astro Blasters and Toy Story Mania.  The Little Mermaid was okay, but I think the girls somewhat are beyond that stage now.  We were there a week too early and missed the Cars Land grand opening.  Perhaps next year if we can save up some more money since there is so much to see.

Shamu the Killer Whale

Our next stop was Sea World where we got to see Shamu.  It started out a long day since Howard said we needed to get up early to beat the traffic.  He was right because it was a log jam driving into San Diego. We lined up early to see the first show and were able to get front seats with a great view.   Of course we got soaked when Shamu did a “drive by”.  The clear blue water is something like 50 degrees and we basically froze until noon when the sun started warming us up. Sea Lions Live was a awesome show but so was Pets Rule! Anyway we’re back in town now but I’m afraid like all summers, their too short and we’re having too much fun!

New Vacation Home in Kennewick

Were in the process of buying a vacation home down in the Tri-Cities area. Our Realtor started out first by looking at the homes for sale in Kennewick WA. But we decided to look for some thing on the Columbia and we hope to close before school starts. I keep you up to date once it’s finalized. But it looks like we’ll be down there during August. ... Latest update. We didn’t close, but love the area so much that we are planning to look again when the weather is a little warmer. Perhaps on during the ‘14 spring break. ~Pam
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